Wil King Hog Happenin' Cookin' Contest winners

Product Quality - Professional
First: Hawg Head Cooking Team - Tyler Whitley, sponsored by Pate for Superior Court
Second: B P Country Cookers - Bobby Prescott, sponsored by Massey Toyota
Third: Grillfather Cooking Team - Ernest Twisdale, sponsored by North Carolina Dist. LLC
Forth: Down Home Cookers - Joe Peterson, sponsored by John F. Marston Insurance

Product Quality - Backyard Division
First: Southern Wonders BBQ - Adam Thompson, sponsored by Southern Tide Construction
Second: Beast for the East - Anthony Colwell, sponsored by Ernie Everett Site Prep
Third: H and T BBQ Team - Cameron Harper, sponsored by Nooherooka Natural

First: Pork University - Jeff Yourdon, sponsored by Lenoir Community College and Edward Jones Investment
Second: Beach Boys BBQ - Chris Fineran, sponsored by Coreyco
Third: Kinston Medical Specialists - Preston Bunn, sponsored by Kinston Medical Specialists